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Amerithon challenge

Getting pretty tired (real world tired)… i wonder if i will make it the next 2800 virtual miles (fake world).. LOL.  The tiring part is that so much advertising is fake, so much news is fake, so many opinions that are only reflections of a personal reality are biased. It is difficult to sort physical reality from my own reality.  Case in point… estimate from LivingComfort for repairs vs replacement of a gas boiler.  I see four numbers in a row (parts and labor) 888.00 for an expansion tank, 888.00 for a boiler refill drain thing, and 888.00 for a back flow preventer and 888.00 for an air scoop.  Give me a break.  If i had 9 items in a dataset, and four of them were 888.00 i would immediately say… check for errors and copy pastes.  This is fake.

CorelDRAW 19 – dont buy it

CorelDRAW has become a ridiculously infected scam of advertising and deliberate bugging of people who have sadly purchased this version.  I have read plenty of complaints about the corruption of a really good product which I have used since its inception with version 3.  What a sorry comment on the new management. The popups are not only annoying, but I cant stop them, and they cause gliches in the the program which require shutdown of the program to resolve.  A very sad commentary.  I guess i have to find an open source or other program as a substitute.  Shame on you CorelDRAW.

Corona virus Covid 19 SARS Cov2 model to hang on the Christmas tree.

Yep…. coronavirus globe glass and polymer clay ornaments that are made to be accurate representations of the surface look of the corona virus.  Just for fun and remembering the headaches of this particular pandemic. Order from the website here.

Refrigerator magnets, christmas tree ornaments, keychains, bracelets earrings, counted cross stitch patterns, stained glass virus mandala patterns, all things to remember the pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2. 
Christmas tree ornaments: models of the SARS Cov 19 coronavirus
3 inch christmas tree ornament of a model of the coronavirus SARS Cov 2 covid 19 virus particle coronavirus model made into a christmas tree ornament for covid 19 this year 2020 remembering covid 19 christmas tree ornament coronavirus model
Coronavirus Covid 19 keepsake memory christmas tree ornament coronavirus SARS Cov 2 model christmas tree ornament christmas tree cone shape with coronavirus tiny ornaments

How to bug your brand loyal customers — CorelDRAW – pg 2

My gosh, how would anyone be loyal to CorelDRAW now that they have popups that I (ok i am just an average computer user) cannot stop. I have complained to them, and their fixes did not work. These popups actually cause some functions to stop working, and then crash is eminent.  How sad that a once really wonderful and competitor-gracious company go to the dogs so fast.

This is TRUMPIAN behavior, just remember that next election “you lose”.

Looks like others agree:  HERE
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New species (fake news) Arthrochordata

New species (fake news) Arthrochordata has been seen at halloween and it’s skeleton is for sale in many online and costume shops.  This is what happens when artists know nothing about science…. as we all know  arthropods do NOT have a skeleton, as we vertebrates do, but do have an exoskeleton, therefore this must be a new, previously unnamed species.

In addition, this specimen seems to be missing one lower limb on the right side, and has a cranium larger than many of my friends.

How to bug your brand loyal customers — CorelDRAW

I have used CorelDRAW (and early on it was Kodak which had  WordPerfect within) since its inception.  I did not come by my first copy legally, that I regret, in fact someone presented CorelDRAW 3 to me on 11 pink 3.25 inch floppy discs.  I treasured that program, and purchased legally, versions 4, 6, 10, 13, 15 and 19, and encouraged others to purchase it as well. So clearly it was good for them. With CorelDRAW 19 there was a huge change in all aspects of their business that I have come to detest.

The early product (s) which included WordPerfect were wonderful, and they reached out to embrace and be compatible with the stiff-necked and unfriendly Adobe and Microsoft products. I could pretty much convert whatever i did in them back to what the university of cincincinnati demanded that we use.  Those early days, Word was terrible.

Now i am so disappointed in the way CorelDRAW abandoned their philosophy – i wont purchase another copy, and i cannot get rid of the dumb-ass popups that appear (after having forced me to lose some of the functions in x5 (which I now know as the sign that if i dont close it, it will crash).   What a terrible step backward by a wonderful company, backward into the world of commonality. It is sad.  Whats more, the aggressive image, too cartoonish, fearmongering (just like our contemporary society), certainly meant to provoke anxiety (deliberate mind washing) in this really badly designed popup is enough to make one wonder if there are any individuals with civility working there at all.  Shame on you CorelDRAW.