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Poems from my children, my friends, my colleagues, and my grandmother.

Verge of a Dream: ‘I both know and don’t know’

To have you waiting
In the getaway car
I’d break the bank.
To have the daughter
Of the air pose
On the boulder below
I’d dive from the cliff
just for you to see.
And with only one
president in my
pocket I take
a risky bet
to pay
your gin tab,
as it lays
upon the
wood bar counter.
You’d always ask to
show you something
When there’s nothing
else to see
except to
guide the bankers
to my grave, singing
a closer walk with
Whatever I’ve
learned from you
has been like
a breeze in
the linen drape,
It starts, and when
It’s done,
I both
know and don’t
know what it
ends up meaning.

RLB 03/178/2021

Verge of a Dream: No other word for love

I guess I’d not written
when maybe the ink
doesn’t get to the paper
Or my words cannot join
the air between you
someone who might
be there.
There was not a letter
saying I’ll see you..
as though we were
lovers still.
It would be a
holiday truly
Were you
at the large table
to stay.
With no other
word for love
there’s nothing
left for my letter
to say.

RLB 03/03/2021

Sagrada la familia stained glass rose window center: do you see what I see?

This famous very ornate large stained glass window in Barcelona Spain is a wonderful work of abstract contemporary art. While the ideas below are just my own, I did some quick searching to see if others have come to the same conclusion and i saw nothing.

Look carefully at the center section (which I have turned into a stained glass pattern for anyone and everyone to build linked here, in its parts or entirety).  Look particularly at the circular glass pieces.  Read my descriptions then look at the lower image.

  1. There are circular abstract objects only in the center panel of the window. Please do an image for the entire mammoth window to verify.
  2. The circles among the abstract objects most likely have meaning.
  3. The largest top side circle i colored yellow might represent the christmas star.
  4. The lowest circle (pink) is affixed to a rectangular abstraction which to me looks like a possible wooden manger, and the circle the representation of the head of the infant Jesus.
  5. There are two nearby darker pink circles and above the baby which are organized with one slightly higher than the other, typically a Joseph, and a Mary arrangement, new mother and father.
  6. Three horizontal and evenly spaced red circles to the left near the equator of the window are to me perfect symbols for the 3 wise men (though we all know that the 3 wise men showed up in the years after Jesus birth).
  7. The five casually spaced blue circles beneath (as if kneeling, above as if observing from farther back, might be the shepherds who visited on the knight of Jesus birth.
  8. The purple circles at the top of the center rose window I am ascribing to the heavenly hosts that sang hallelujah to celebrate that event.
  9. If i know my artist type creativity friends, the only orange small circle represents Gaudi himself, or any of us really, as viewers of the extra-ordinary happenings as one of the shepherds.


Verge of a Dream: by another birthday

A piece of tiny ribbon
Green or silver or red
Might have been a
Hopeful package
Tied onto the
Busy wind.
A water hyacinth
in violet or of pink
Not gripping in the
Siick mud
of Indochina
Some orange or plum.
bears on the limb,
Can see you leaving now
For the evening party
knowing that
Tomorrow could
Mean a new love
We’ve closed the house
for winter
But one street,
To the dells.
And in its shop was
made this summer
in iridescent glass
a storefront Church’s
But we return
By another birthday
When called
back to school again
There until
another new
When the rock
the ripple
Will shimmer
And glisten

RLB 2/28/2021

Verge of a Dream: It could have been

It could have been
but wasn’t
at the barn,
you looking over
the fence.
That was not
the first time
we met.
It might have been
Yet was not.
In a loose shirt
standing among
the seats at
the ballpark.
I could have forgotten
and have not.
That only a pinhole
of light meant
I would not
be that
minor note
left from the
final score.
It might have
been the shuttering
light of the passenger car.
Without the
link and the pin,
a tidal force
holding the shore
to the sea
that stops me
from falling away.

RLB 2/26/2021

Verge of a Dream: Want

I seem to want
What’s impossible
Not wishing to
Go to the sand
But have the beach
Come to me.

I don’t seem to
Want what is possible
That you’ll be
Happy In the life
Of another.

I seem to see what
Is not visible
Reading your lips
Despite hearing
And being less
Than foreverness.

Time, the sense
Most personal,
It started in
Your arms
And ended with
Leaving them.

RLB 1/5/2021

Verge of a Dream: Nothing I know about

The blues have had me
Without doubt and
Yours are yours and
Nothing I know about
Nothing I know about
There’s been pain
In my heart, without doubt
yours is yours
and nothing I know about
Nothing I know about
I’ve feared the wait
On the court steps
No doubt
Your fears are yours
And nothing I know about
Nothing I know about
I’ll stand alone when judged
As in my dreaded dreams
No doubt
Your nights are yours
And nothing
I know about.
I’ve turned my
Back without mercy
No doubt
Your loneliness
Has said that.
And what is yours
Is mine, so indelible
Is the exile

RLB 1/3/2021

Verge of a Dream: How far away’s Odessa

They don’t
weave a satchel,
and so they ‘d wonder
whether you came from here.
I think you’d
know if someone
listened and how
far away’s Odessa.
I may be closer
to you than I
am to me, and
So close to the
frozen ground,
maybe a
lost twin sister.
The toil it took,
though arrived
by ship. And yet
If walking on the
water, you would
have survived,
the trip
though far
away’s Odessa,
A bee
sleeps in
a dwindling rose.
And without mine I
wonder has
there been
a call, a tear,
a blessing.

RLB 12 28 2020

Verge of a Dream: Thieves and lovers – Lovers and thieves

Thieves and lovers
Lovers and thieves
Stealing silver and
What peril,
They linger
Too long
by the need.
It’s a trap
Without fail.
Ticking through
time so
So true is
that jail.
Lovers and thieves
Thieves and lovers
not happy,
the loss of a
half crown.
Obsessed with
what’s left.
Thieves and lovers
Lovers and thieves
In jealousy
and envy
it’s what I have sown.
Not a treasure
filled chest.
Instead with the
whispers and tricks
I’m spending
the dark night in
sleep without rest.

RLB 12/17/2020