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Roe v Wade: unfair distribution of burden

While i agree that the constitution does not have the right to provide the “right” to abortion, and while i do not think abortion is an appropriate form of contraception, pregnancy happens.

In my own case, the male (whom i married), was arrogant, impulsive, unwilling to change life style; I was weak, and wimpy and did what he asked.  I am not the only woman who has been, or will be in this situation. In truth, all i needed was for that male to say “awesome” i am going to be a father and there would never have been an abortion.  How ignorant are we all still of the differences in gender psyche… good grief.  How few men step up to the plate and become parents, fathers? Not that many.  …. And thus result of the act which required equal voluntary participation from man and woman, was left on my shoulders entirely  (not just once, but 5 times, for three children).  Some women need protection, I don’t need it now, but i did then.  I hope women are given that help. I hope men are included in any punishment or legal action. Where is the equity in this.

Since we see the burden of pregnancy and child rearing weighing most heavily on the woman…. the few males engaged in an equal burden. But they were gung-ho during sex.  How is it that they will be so little affected by this overturn of Roe v Wade, yet in cases of incest, rape they are the perps.  In cases where there are genetic defects where fetuses are not going to be viable at birth, who would force pregnancy and delivery on someone to watch a newborn die.

I am not for abortion at any time, BUT sometimes it is the better path. What that path is can be misued, ues, but I am for laying responsibility most directly on the shoulders where it should lie. I am for equal work and monetary investment for men, and women in child rearing…. that hasn’t happened. Make no mistake, this is a gender issue. Women are still the individuals who carry 99% of the burden of children, even in 2022, women of all races and creeds and nationalities and faiths bear that.  So we have lots of men, also every race creed and nationality who accept no physical burden, financial or emotional burden for child rearing.  How totally sad.

We best be voting out of office those who restrict personal medical rights, and condone forcing women to singly carry the responsibility for what is a shared burden at best, and forced burden at worst.

Econimically and socially, this is going to “be a snaffoo for lot of old white men”, ha ha.  watch the change in birth rate among poorer and darker skin people. Watch the cost of gov. substidized health care…. I hope that it comes right out of the pockets of the well off white men of considerable age.  That is what i hope.

BIAS vs LEARNING: am I rejecting valid “learned” input

No surprise here — except that it was a surprise, a little bit anyway, that as I add more and more peak finding algorithms to the bank of data on surfactant protein D, and understand that the input values for those algorithms are “human” intuitions (knowledge), then it is no surprise that as I find peaks just by visually scanning a grayscale plot of SP-D that I can hear my thoughts… 1) what is the relationship between the peak I am examining and the peaks along the entire molecule; 2) what is the relationship between the width of the peak and the entire plot, 3) height of the peaks that i consider noise.  I have never considered myself to have any knowledge of algorighms… i have no interest in math or equations or programming, but thats actually what I do when I examine a plot and pick my own “peaks”.

For me it was an interesting revelation.  I value my input now more than I did previously as the whole search for signal processing programs to analyze SP-D grayscale peaks was because somehow I felt that my peak choices were not “scientific” (and of course if i submit a manuscript, you would have felt that my peak choices were not “scientific” either, as you review the submission.  In fact however, the “ai” in my mind, is superior to any of the peak finding programs (for this very narrow, and specific peak finding task (as i would not suggest that in some of the noisy data from other applications i could even begin to find peaks……. but specifically in this data, where there are a reasonable number, say something around 10-20 peaks, my input is considerably more sensible than the algorithms I have found optimal in Octave, excel template (PVDT), scipy, and LTI… just saying…  LOL, why should i reject my own observations and accept ignorant input.

Yes I introduce BIAS in my peak finding, i call it LEARNING HERE. Ultimately I will compare the data from my peak counts, to those algorithms.

I see the comments that say  “you have to “fine tune” these algorithms”…. thats what the cortex does, fine tune.  Signal processing provides as much opportunity for introducing learned BIAS as image processing, the whole thing gets reduced to integrity of research, sample number and common sense.

I am NOT talking about really noisy data, ….  where casual inspection would be nearly useless.