Never tell a lie: Music and lyrics by Thomas Arthur Turner

Music and lyrics to “Never tell a lie” by Thomas Arthur Turner (@1938)

Here’s a little suggestion and it might be hard to take
Thats if you’re the type who is inclined to prevaricate
It’s just a little psychology that ev’ry man should know
If he’s to be the perfect Romeo, so

Never tell a lie, here’s the reason why
Someone might believe the things you say are on the level, darling,
You might break a heart, and that’s no way to start romance.

Things you say and do, might thrill her thru and thru, but if they’re on the sly I’m telling you
You’ll make her cry, now darling, that’s no way to do, before love starts you’re through.

So never, never tell her that you love her, unless its from the bottom of your heart
For there will come a time when she’ll discover that your love for her was just a lark.

Then you’ll be a lone, by the telephone, all the girls will find
That you’ve been handing them a line, now darling,
Thats the reason why, it never pays to tell a lie.