Four SP-D molecules: Fifth peaks – lateral to the fourth peak(s) which are lateral to the glycosylation peaks in this bilaterally symmetrical hexamer

This is a small peak by comparison to the glycosylation peak(s) and to the fourth peak just lateral (in a bilaterally symmetrical hexamer) which is @12nm in width, this very narrow and lower peak is only 4nm wide (at the valleys).  In previous ridge (Joy) plots it is colored in a bright pink just in case you want to look up its position and relative height and width.

After finding width and number of sub-peaks for each of the 7 peaks on either side of the N, i will make a diagram with the dimensions (width, height, and sub-peaks) found for each of the four dodecamers in this short list of test molecules.
There is a peak 5 in 74% of the trimers, less than 1 per trimer, and no sub-peaks noted.