Four Dodecamers: tiny peak (peak 2, lateral to the N termini junction peak) of SP-D

Here are additional, and hopefully the last, set of numbers for Peak 2 (tiny peak beside the N term peak) of SP-D, in terms of peak width.  I have used all numbers, including those which do not detect the peak, generated by plots of the trimers (as part of a plot for a hexamer, one CRD to the other CRD to determine that particular peak width.  I personally think that adding the missing values is a bit nuts but here are the data, including a new set of numbers which indicates that the peak is a non normal distribution.

It is fair to say that the peak width (when measured only on the values present (please note that the number of actual counted peaks is in parenthesis by N) is N=4, x=3.75+/ 0.34nm, which is consistent with measurements from the beginning of this study. For one dodecamer (42a_aka_44 see below on right hand side) this tiny peak was detected in more than half of the trimers plotted).