Four dodecamers: Peaks 6 and 7 height and CRD height – grayscale 0-255

Plots of SP-D trimers (as hexamers) with the N term peak becoming a whole peak (not just a half peak as the molecule would suggest happens..this done for ease of calculating thus each shows 15 peaks per hexamer (an odd number) or 8 peaks per trimer.  Using many plots ( grayscale plots obtained in ImageJ), peak heights are being determined for each peak set, and these data are for peak 6, as yet unnamed but present at least  90% of the time in this dataset —  100% of the time in the plots for two molecules, 95% in one molecule, and 82.5% in another).  Using just the summaries for the four dodecamers (without the missing values) the peak height for peak 6 is 115+/2.6  Screen prints from excel are below.