Antibody to the last resistant strain of free thought

Ignorant or uninformed:
You lack awareness of your shortcoming —
blissfully trapped in a box of self-restricted thought —
not to be antistream or unacceptable, sculpted protein for attention, calculated personality for procreation. Preprogrammed, color-coded, point —
seven-five waist to hip ratio —
what is it you don’t want to see? You’ve barely groped the cancerous tits of self-awareness and she’ll tease you to the end —
never return the favor. No. Ignorance implies there was at some point a flicker of knowledge discarded because it doesn’t make sense in the context of prefabricated thought —
squeeze your thumbs for another drip, another episode —
30 milligrams of enlightenment from the Nielsen IV —
a classroom full of future shrinks —
antibody to the last resistant strain of free thought.

AEM sometime in the 1990s