Rhesus monkey hepatocyte desmosome

This particular micrograph is too tangential to the desmosome to show a lot of detail but it does show some cross sections of what I presume to be (because the size is about 10-11nm) intermediate filaments. These crossectional “dots” of IF are in the right position above the inner desmosomal plaque.  Red dots = approximate ribosomal size (27nm) , blue dots = approximate IT cross section (about 11nm).  Micron marker is 100nm for both images. Image on the left is unretouched, image on the right has dots over ribosomes and intermediate filaments for comparison with image on the left. Rhesus monkey, control biopsy, before the administration of perfluorochemical blood substitute, #71 female, fixative=modified Karnovsky’s (isoosmolar Chick-fix), Millonigs uffer, 2% osmium tetroxide, EPON 812.