More desmosomal mitochondrial tether samples

Mostly, if not all, hepatocytes from a variety of species. Some of these images have the species designation in a lower case letter as follows: r=rhesus, st=stub-tail, m=mouse, oops, i might have put r for rat somewhere, f=ferret, gp=guinea pig.  May not all be present but must a few are marked.  I am looking for species differences but these are not ideal images for such detail and are just archived samples collected in 40 years of microscopy.

There are certainly differences in size, and also number of mitochondrial tethers that can be seen, and the biggest nicest desmosomes I have seen are in tongue (image below is bovine i believe — thank you to whomever’s image that is), and the most numerous of course in skin. I havn’t bothered to add micron markers…. it seems to be quite variable depending upon where in the “disc, or spot” the section occurs.  The mitochondria and cristi give relevance to magnification anyway.