Tell me why —

Tell me why?

If the human brain is not fully developed until age of 25 (give or take a year)(that is, it is not developed enough to have full executive, or full cognitive restraint functions)  WHY CAN CHILDREN OF LESS THAN 14 be allowed to have long guns, and any kind of gun in most states by 18.  This makes no sense to me.
I found this fantastic site. called which is run by the University of Sidney, and deals with international data on gun deaths. The graphs below I just did quickly to compare where I was born, with where I live now. You can see that the US has a big problem, but not as big as south of the border, but way in excess of the western european countries. The takeaway message can be many things.

-americans mature late in life  (haha…maybe they never develop mature frontal lobe function

-we need to change gun policy to fit american’s brains… that means, treat kids like they are really just that…. kids,

-we need to do some statistical analysis of WHO does the murdering….. young, adult, old, mentally unstable, or deviant…  and change the laws to match