Where is the list?

Just experiencing info-disorganization-overload… ha ha

Trying to do a simple thing… to list and learn about the proteins in mitochondria.
This should be a simple task. I am looking for all proteins known to abide in the inner and outer mitochondrial membranes and those segregated to the cristae junction and the cristae themselves.

Everything…. Everything has an acronym, inconsistent and often just silly, nothing is synthesized into a neat package or publication.
I can accept that not all proteins are known at this time, but it is harder to accept that random bits of important information are not synthesized neatly into a package…
by kingdom
by phylum
by class
by order
by family
by genus
by species…
by tissue…
by cell type
by membrane position
by function
fun graphic a mitochondrionpseudocolor mitochondrion