Certifiable? or does rRNA on RER rock

I was looking at liver electron micrographs, looking for mitochondria, trying to see whether cristae juntions are such a noticeable feature as is claimed, boy I can not find them easily. But in “boredom” not really boredom, more frustration, I decided to punch in a “kick” beat to the spacing of ribosomes along the RER membrane.  I hope this fun time with Fruity Loops doesn’t distract me from doing real science…. as I can see how fun it would be to use a top hat, steel drums, cymbals, for some ribosomes a little further away, and a base beat for those that are very clear and a blip for those that are faded out and then play two tracks together (opposite sides of the ER membrane being a separate track each). Now you know why I chose the title for this post “certifiable” (i am not crazy, as sheldon cooper says, my mother had me tested),