Sometimes I laugh – SP-D

I am trying to write a comment page about innate immunity proteins and the possibility of nano-superballs being used to configure and distribute such immune proteins (which, by the way is a logical next step in that research since at least two of the C-type lectins that are important for innate immunity actually do have fuzzyball multimer structures. Those would be SP-D and SP-A. When I saw this cute dimer of surfactant protein D I just laughed to myself, such a happy dancer.  This particular image of a surfactant protein D dimer came from a portion of an AFM image published by Arroyo et al, JMB, 430:1495-1509, 2018. Thanks to them for the laugh, and the inspiration to keep up the exercise program for the sake of good health.  This guy (girl) is just about to cross the half-marathon finish line.

What is interesting is the light and airy feeling, arms outstretched, legs in the air and the perfectly positioned ball (likely a loose CRD, ha ha) for a head.