Not My America, But Our America: part 1

yes…. it is the far right and the far left, and the intolerace that make this Not My America.
….  i got to thinking when i was pulling weeds that a monoculture is easy…. a co-culture, especially like i have of three or more plants that bloom and die back or go dormant at different times actually requires lots of effort to maintain, and each type of plant has to have a little bit of patience until i prune or clip leaves around each to let the others blossom…. otherwise it dies by competitive exclusion —- to survive each of those three cultures loses something, but also gains something from what each different species of plant returns to the soil, or protects from frost or freeze, or shades and shelters when the shoots are coming up
… does this relate to coexist?    in times past, monocultures were maintained in society by war, murder ethnic cleansing.  How do you think the Neanderthals disappeared?… and other early hominids.  And if you don’t like the theory of evolution, then in biblical times…. think of the Old Testament, or Torah and what stores tell of how ethnicities were removed.  Total destruction, prevention of social interactions, forbidden mixed marriages, separate traditions and beliefs.
and…we are certainly in america not a monoculture. Each culture needs to be willing to entertain the ideas that there will be restrictions, but also benefits from living in this co-culture…  and if one group takes over, the others cease to thrive.
…I was embarrassed to put up my american flag this year for memorial day to honor my father’s service and my mother’s sacrifice in WWII and my relatives and friends who served during the vietnam war — why was i embarrassed?  i am not proud to be an american under this administration that blames, denies, points fingers, behaves rudely, thinks only of self.
…this is surely not my america alone, we all need to make it “our” america.  That entails support, understanding, care, willingness to reexamine our own opinions as well as the other opinions ..  and to not fall under foot of those who would crush and bully — with their opinions.
COMMENT:  Sometimes i read comments such as stated by Michael Levine… he may need to review his biology, history, and anthropology …. survival mode is thinking everyone needs to be “like-me”.  We have to be “taught NOT” to be racist, we have to learn to use our prefrontal cortex.