SP-D multimer – shadowed image, deconvolve, photoshop eraser tool

recombinant human SP-D multimer, tungsten shadowed image (see credits for SP-D and image in previous posts) that I used gwyddion to deconvolve, then the photoshop eraser tool to highlight and corelDRAW to shadow, brighten and increase contrast in the multimer itself, and corelDRAW to organize this figure.  Original shadowed multimer left, gwyddion – deconvolved image center, photoshop eraser and shadowed layer of just the multimer, right. I would really like to see more defined CRD and perhaps a glycosylation peak – if the latter exists which would look like a bright concentric ring around the center N terminals of these arms. Using the original bar marker and a circle to measure the size of  this particular multimer, diameter = 127.16nm.