Sagrada la familia stained glass rose window center: do you see what I see?

This famous very ornate large stained glass window in Barcelona Spain is a wonderful work of abstract contemporary art. While the ideas below are just my own, I did some quick searching to see if others have come to the same conclusion and i saw nothing.

Look carefully at the center section (which I have turned into a stained glass pattern for anyone and everyone to build linked here, in its parts or entirety).  Look particularly at the circular glass pieces.  Read my descriptions then look at the lower image.

  1. There are circular abstract objects only in the center panel of the window. Please do an image for the entire mammoth window to verify.
  2. The circles among the abstract objects most likely have meaning.
  3. The largest top side circle i colored yellow might represent the christmas star.
  4. The lowest circle (pink) is affixed to a rectangular abstraction which to me looks like a possible wooden manger, and the circle the representation of the head of the infant Jesus.
  5. There are two nearby darker pink circles and above the baby which are organized with one slightly higher than the other, typically a Joseph, and a Mary arrangement, new mother and father.
  6. Three horizontal and evenly spaced red circles to the left near the equator of the window are to me perfect symbols for the 3 wise men (though we all know that the 3 wise men showed up in the years after Jesus birth).
  7. The five casually spaced blue circles beneath (as if kneeling, above as if observing from farther back, might be the shepherds who visited on the knight of Jesus birth.
  8. The purple circles at the top of the center rose window I am ascribing to the heavenly hosts that sang hallelujah to celebrate that event.
  9. If i know my artist type creativity friends, the only orange small circle represents Gaudi himself, or any of us really, as viewers of the extra-ordinary happenings as one of the shepherds.