CorelDRAW process: 5 gaussian blur-color_transform 3-4-4

CorelDRAW process: 5 gaussian px blur then color_transform 3-4-4 of several images from a publication that i have referenced many many times shown below. On these dodecamers of SP-D I have been using various image processing programs to figure out just the best way to amplify, and plot their peak brightness peaks along the collagen-like segment.  In that process (bad pun) i found the color transform in corelDRAW ( both x5 and 19).  It is a stitch, and the peaks along the collagen like segment are well noted…. at least as well as in any other image processing (or data processing as gwyddion calls it) program.  My picks for programs for processessing AFM images are the old versions of Photoshop  (yep, the old CD style) of photoshop 6 is just as nice as the new photoshop 2021, and the old version of CorelDRAW (x5 and including CorelPhotoPaint) is just as good as the new version (CorelDRAW 19 also including CorelPhotopaint)  and both are much more user friendly with many more options than either Gwyddion or ImageJ.  And sometimes with these highly developed (though NOT FREE) programs it can be just plain fun while it is informative.  (Thank you Arroyo et al. for the various AFM images from your publication  (smiley face).  Blue bar-100nm