Kroger – where is your conscience?

Kroger – slowly making customers sick, then right there along side the food, getting rich on the drugs to stave off their demise.

Do you think big business has a conscience, or a reason to promote good health (well not when you have groceries and pharmacy in the same building).  Kroger takes care of both ends of this… ha ha… a win win for Kroger, a lose-lose for many of its unsuspecting customers that look at these adds – outrageous, fat white lady thinking fresh food means darkly (already bad) fried (even worse) animal protein (proven worse yet) food, and then look at the body type she has…. no shape, hi risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and clearly this “cartoon” representation makes it ok to look like this.

How terribly sad that a business can advertise bad health.  To me it is just as bad as advertising cigarettes and alcohol.  Shame on you Kroger. Shame shame on you for putting profits ahead of healthy customers (you promote bad eating habits, make em sick with food, then get rich with the pharmacy right there as they enter the store)