New owners of CorelDRAW

April 26 2021

Its only your customers you lose when you cause crashes in earlier versions of CorelDRAW with your NOT VERY ARTISTIC AND HIGHLY IRRITATING incessant adds for updates.  Shame on you, I will never buy another CorelDRAW product.  It was even back at version 3 a wonderful program that tried to be compatible with everything else. Now it just about profit.  So sad.

May 17 2021

Why would any corporation antagonize its customers…. those who have purchased this product a half a dozen times since its very inception. I will never buy a subscription, and never purchase another product from CorelDRAW.  Everytime you pop that add up (which all instructions i can find to stop it not working) i have to close all my files and exit corelDRAW.  Its like you want to destroy the reputation of a good company that was eagerly compatible with the nut-case contemporary programs that refused to do anything to encourage inter-compatibility.  You just suck now.

You stupid ducks….. what a bad business model, i hope you crash and burn. Quit with the invasive adds that crash the program. 5-28*2021 I will never purchase another product from you.

06-0102021  dimwits…..  why do you do this stuff

06-10-2021, one more time…..  do you really think this add and crash program stuff will get you more business?

06-15-2021 i reiterate, when profit destroys your customer base…  you lose.  Likened unto Kroger who pushes unhealthy and earth damaging products and packaging…  killing its customers. Corporate CorelDRAW, you had a good product, then ruined it with popups.

07-25-2021.. you jerks…  CorelDRAW popups which I have not been able to remove, occur on my work computer and home computer with a regularity that is so annoying, and useless as i will never purchase another CorelDRAW version.  Everytime it pops up I lose some function in the program and end up having to close all my work and restart the program.  Is this a good business model…. i dont think so.  shame on you CorelDRAW new owners.  It happens all the time, i get tired of making noise about it.

8-5-2021  u a**es.  the more you crash my coreldraw with your popups, the more i will never buy another product of yours. you destroyed a really good company and product with your greed.

11-2-2021 – Jerks