Image processing is fun sometimes: POSTERIZE

Image processing is fun sometimes with good results.  This is “posterize” after other manipulations like gaussian blur and HSL and BCI adjustments.  CorelPhotopaint19 processed images just for pleasure provide the same data as the routine microscopic (approved more or less) processing algorithms.

It is easy to see the intense brightness of the glycosylation sites (not always 100 percent in all the molecules (presumably the most intense when all three molecules in the trimer are glycosylated, but visible in a lesser amount where maybe one or two are) but so nicely shown adjacent to the N termini junctions.  The CRD are just great, and the very consistent peaks in the collagen like domain of each trimeric arm just are verified.

Whats missing here are the tiny peaks on each of the four trimers small and very close to the N- peak.  Enjoy. (thanks to arroyo et al, as usual)