Beautiful SP-D image

This image (original from supplement of Arroyo et al) was first a screen print, then in gwyddion i added a 10px gaussian blur, then stretch color range >175 to 255.  This virtually eliminated background, but at the same time decreased the height of the various peaks.  The upside is that there is a rotational “look” to each of the trimeric arms, and there is also the hint of the tiny proximate peak to the N termini which shows up just before the large glycosylation peak on each trimer.  Clearly too are the small rhythmic peaks along the collagen like domain (almost always 3 or 4 in descending prominence and width).  One can rule out any bumping and noise since all these dodecamers fall at different directions and so scan lines are an annoyance but contribute to peak height on a random basis. CRD are show as multi-lumpy units.  Looks like the alleged glycosylation peak is present on all four trimers pretty equally.


-Perfect view of what I think will pan out is shown in the lowest arm (vertical hexamer) which shows the Nterm, the tiny adjacent peak, the glycosylation peak, three peaks along the collagen like domain and the neck and CRD in a raindrop shape.  Pretty awesome.