Bloom and Soft glow: GIMP and surfactant protein D images

Seems like an unlikely set of parameters.  SP-D image (published by Arroyo et al) and an open source imaging program, but in fact these two filters can take a rather pixelated image from a publication and turn it into a really nice plot of brightness peaks along the arms of a molecule, examined with atomic force microscopy.  Maybe my favorite filters so far.  GIMP Filter>Blur>Gaussian 10px>Artistic>Softglow-Legacy>Glow radius 10px Brightness 0.10 Sharpness 0.75.  Green bar=100nm.  Aim: working toward a signal averaging program that will analyze these plots and determine the most likely number and size of peaks along the collagen like domain.  This plot has three on each trimeric arm of the line plotted. the CRD and neck usually comprise two peaks, a set at each end. In this particular image there is only one tiny peak beside the N termini peak… which is on the lower left arm.