Peak height and SHAPE may reflect glycosylation state

Would it be so unusual to have shape follow the number of glycosylated arms in the trimer of SP-D.  Just look at these two peak shapes.  They are certainly not the same.  Artifact from position and random events in processing can affect this i understand, but it seems to me that for sure peak width will increase with number glycosylation sites (1, 2, or 3) if in fact SP-D is glycosylated in that manner???  I have not read anything to suggest it, or to refute it.

Figure below: same image right and left, plots traced in ImageJ, the width of the glycosylation peak on the right hand trimer of the horizontally running hexamer is clearly of greater width.  RElative peak height may be indicitive of level of glycosylation as well, as it has been reported by Arroyo et al,  that the peak that is assumed to represent glycosylation is greatly diminished in de-glycosylated trimers .  Open to suggestion here.