Forgive – LOL:  While working on an image of surfactant protein D plot (from a screen print of an AFM image of a surfactant protein D dodecamer (Arroyo et al’s image) plotted in ImageJ) applying an image processing filter (specifically CorelDRAW’s Photopaint lowpass_100percent_10px setting) to establish peak height and peak width (with the overal purpose of establishing which image processing filters and signal processing algorighms work best for smoothing AFM images without distorting, removing or increasing the number of peaks along a plot line) i noted that this was a particularly pixelated image.  While marking the peak height I came up with this very silly word and laughed to myself —   “peaxelated” where pixelated images create more peaks. Too silly for more effort. That said, gaussian and median and limit range filters are really nice for this process.