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Tiny minds create a tiny god

“There is no avoiding the fact that we live at the mercy of our ideas This is never more true than with our ideas about God.”
This is a quote by Dallas Willard. I think it speaks to why we need an “omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent “entity” [0-0-0] to be the goal and center inspiration of our lives.
It is pretty clear to me that what we know, we do not worship, and so the mere act of thinking one understands what the 0-0-0 is then we move that entity out of our worship zone into the “trash” of our own understanding and out ideas about that 0-0-0 in reality become limited and tainted by our own ability to think. In this very sense man “creates” a god that becomes fraught with human emotions, and biases, and unconscious prejudices, and fear and judgement.
The ideation of god is critical to how mankind sees himself and others.
When our god(s) are selfish, indulgent, vengeful, we get what we have now on the planet, and it is not pretty. (there are wonderful thinkers too, and for them i am grateful, it allows me to have an 0-0-0 being so far above and beyond that it becomes comforting. at the same time, i run the risk of being too far removed that the 0-0-0 doesn’t function for me.)
I have come to think there is a “boundary of life/self/0-0-0” in all of our minds. I see it in a very commonplace way. Some people think that their sphere of existence only includes their automobile, they keep it clean and polished but through their trash out the window onto the streets.  There are others with a slightly larger sphere of “life/self/0-0-0” which includes their home and family. They keep their house tidy and their families cared for. The real thinkers in my humble opinion, are those who think of “life/self/0-0-0” as being infinite. These are the world changers for the better because they revere (worship is a tainted word) the entirety of existence and are NOT apt to violate or trash anyone, any group, or anything in the cosmos.  Kudos to those who can think beyond the tiny sphere that they occupy, they with their own microbiome.