Verge of a Dream: Confession

I want to
say something honest
And true, to confess
Not to others to
Hear but don’t care
If they do.
It might be a
Death bed confession
But it won’t be
Known until
We are at the same
Table in heaven.
Or if anyone hears
It or thinks it matters.

Finally I want
To hear my voice
With words and
Chords making you
Understand the way
From the woods of
Mistakes and
Misdirections. From
The cuffs and ropes
And wounds
from misunderstandings
That have kept me
From finding my
Way through the
Streets through
Neighborhoods I
Don’t belong in and
Expectations that were
Not met though when
I try to finish I realize
They were never started
Or I reached them and even
That was forgotten.

RLB 11-26-2023

Just Blau Mit Weiss — legacy of errors

I have had my 2003 mini cooper s for about 10 years.  I have taken many of my cars to Just Blau Mit Weiss….  a summary of his mechanics acumen from April 2023 till October 2023 is an astounding array of mistakes which have cost me plenty, including filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General, and Visa, hoping for some compensation.  It will/is costing me about $4000 to undo John Gadbury’s mistakes for which I paid him, in good faith, about $7000.

There are hard times we all go through, I had pity on this man who in exchange took me to the cleaners. A sad legacy, you should read reviews of his company JustBMW from the last year on BBB, they sound just like mine, or on Google.

i am going to give you an update on the repairs on my mini  poorly done, even wrong…… unbelievable just since April. Shame on you John.
  1. put in new battery in april 2023 – which somehow he drained to ruin while the car was in his shop for a routine —
  2. supercharger oil lube june 2023
  3. johns tech broker my shifter cable june 2023 test driving after supercharger lube
  4. john put in the shifter cables but when i drove it clearly shifting was not good
  5. i took car back to john next day, john says “cannot find cause” and “i will make it right” and then says i have to replace starter, why,
  6. two month old battery was dead and it doesn’t take a rocket scientists to surmise  “he left the hatch or door open and drained the battery and his tech burned out the starter not wanting to charge the battery,
  7. john says, again, he doesn’t know what is wrong with the car, and now he says it needs a clutch, and I am depending upon the fact that he said “he wil make it right” he puts in clutch with all trimmings, i see my car is on the charger when i go to pick it up but he sends me home with the car
  8. car does not shift still, i drive it saying in the 3rd gear the whole way, theonly gear that it will go in t
  9. i take the car to cinci mini, within 20 minutes the say — shifter cables were not attached to the transmission –easy fix  …  shifting works fine (i did not need clutch after all, or shifter cables till johns tech broke one)
  10. cinci mini says battery is not being charged (i buy a new battery from them)
  11. car drives for one week, i take rita to the ER, and on the way out of the ER parking lot i have no power steering (and car sounds funny starting)
  12. i take car to back to cinci mini….ask tech to test drive with me to confirm no power steering assist…. car is dead.
  13. cinci mini says i need a new alternator (dunno who is telling the truth now) but battery light is still on and there is a new starter.
  14. cinci mini checks more and says, we will put in a new battery cable (which is apparently long and hard to install, but before going further they call and say john hooked up the starter wires “backwards.
  15. I get a letter in the mail from Visa saying I have no recourse and that john did install all the parts….. i dont know who they talked to but i guess johns group didn’t really admit to installing the shifter cables or the starter wrong.
  16. so i am reopening the visa case, and asking cinci mini to sign letter that says cables not hooked up, starter wired backwards, adding info to the BBB case.
  17. johns bills are about $7000,  cinci mini, $4000 to fix johns mixtakes.
  18. johns business phone now says “not in service at this time”….  I wonder if he filed for bankruptcy


Kroger’s plastic packaging abuse, totally eggregious

Kroger’s plastic waste abuse, totally eggregious.  Do customers of Kroger not understand that as the corporations go, so goes the planet. I am not talking climate change, i am talking total disregard for using natural resources in a completely unconscionable manner.  In addition, foam is not typically recyclable in local curb side plans.


Upon questioning a staff member in the meat department he clearly said, I have no power here, we dont even choose what we sell.  How sad to not use the most important resource the company has, the people who listen to the complaints of their customers, and know the products.

Two counts against you Kroger (among thousands I could quickly add), not even wanting to mention false advertising by design  “yellow stickers that say LOW PRICE” when you just raise prices, and tiny tiny print for items that are for digital coupon people only, I know you clean house with that scam daily, I have been victim to the tiny lettering for digital coupon and lured by the huge price lettering…. in fact just this morning that happened.

Kroger does not play fair. Truly, you are a disgrace to Cincinnati.

Verge of a Dream: Wishing

I wish I could,
But from the last
Row of the orchestra
Called out, maybe
Number three. At least
Not the last choice
Wishing I was a melody
not barely noticed
not a soft counterpoise
against the wall.
Cannot imagine how
To Solve
love and war
How to have you
Point to me.
I can stay, thinking
And doing and hoping.
Maybe changing,
But maybe irrelevant.
The enzyme washes
Away anything of value.
Promise to promise
Look at me
Turning away from
The necessary and
Ordinary. Maybe
A new planet
Discovered by
You while
Having coffee in
Bed and me
While imagining
You there.

Verge of a Dream: Another life

With another life completed
I’m not ready for you
Maybe several more…
Apprenticed to a carver
Of cold marble, I
Won’t be ready
For you.
I may signal the
Other ships and
Secure a
safe landing
After a life
Learning and
Leaning and
Steady at sea
I am not ready for
I wonder if study
Even with someone
a compassionate mind
even if my dialogue
were silenced…
does not even
us up
and make me ready
for you.
With your gliding
Elegance, you can choose
To land where you
I float, cast off,
Film, sea-sawing
On stale air
to the
Cutting room floor.
You know me and
You were right
About paradise
What ever it
Is for you it
is the same
For me.

RLB 10-04-2023

Whats wrong with Kroger?

Whats wrong with Kroger? Do they really think that people on Pinterest want to watch their flittering flashing obnoxious adds, like stupid neon idiot flashing lights. Whats wrong with Pinterest that they dont stop that kind of rediculous Kroger advertising aimed at IQ less than 20.  Is money worth losing integrity on both sides?