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Four SP-D molecules: Sixth peak(s) and sub-peaks

Same process¬† for determining peak width, and sub peak number…. as before. peak 6 i expected to show up a little wider (here it is about 7.5nm+0.12).¬† in previous plots that are colored one can see it as that peak(s) which are white.

summary plot from months ago,  below to remind one what the scheme of the bilateral symmetry was/is.

PEAKS PER TRIMER (trimer=about 74 nm including the full N term peak with each plot)
Peak 1=N term peak (full) (peach) @20nm
Peak 2=Tiny peak (purple) @2.5nm
Peak 3=glycosylation peak(s) light green @8nm
Peak 4= unnamed (darker green) @12nm
Peak 5= unnamed (pink) @4nm
Peak 6- unnamed (white) @7.5nm
Peak 7= Neck (yellow) @4.5nm
Peak 8=carbohydrate recognition domain peaks (orange) @ 17nm