Daily Archives: February 18, 2023

8 dodecamers of SP-D

Two sets of measurements have been added to the dataset for hexamer (that would be the CRD to CRD measurement of two trimers with N terms meeting in the center of the dodecamer) (Numbers of the molecules are my assignments  (out of about 90 different images) and number 127, and figure 4A,  are both images of the same molecule, but found in separate figures from Arroyo et al). Different image processing apps have been applied to strengthen the signal from the peaks from all images, and each image then was subjected to signal processing peak findings (5 different apps and settings which are now used for on all plots of images).

The data for hexamer width have really changed from previous analyses, i dont think more will be useful in determining the hexamer width.  I will still do this (just to find outliers and potential mistakes) in the upcoming images that I analyze.

Early data is on this blog….  you can check if you like.

Feb 23 data with 8 molecules processed in almost 900 different plots is summarized below.  The diameter and the length of the arms is calculated separately (in nm, relying on the nm bar markers in each image used).  THe total number of times the hexamers are measured is less than the total number of times the trimer widths are plotted since the same image is used for the signal processing (thus repeating it, while it makes very little difference in the statistics) has not been done here.