About Us

I am just a retired scientist here trying to comment on the wonders found in the last 40 years, fascinated by the images of life from decades of electron microscopy, marveling at the world, at evolution – creation, the environment, our genetic makeup, epigenetics and also how important the brain is in maintaining a positive attitude and health.

I am more than happy to listen and post your ideas, just send me a link to your html, and i will consider it. Comments are kind of “out of the question” as 450 per day is too much spam to filter.

I have four other websites and helped with two additional websites, and all have tons of reading material on health, food as our biggest environmental interface and a blog from a colleague and lots of patterns and creative things.  Pictures should link to each and to some prose and poems from half century to century ago (most nameless for the sake of privacy)
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