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Poems from my children, my friends, my colleagues, and my grandmother.

Verge of a Dream: Confession

I want to
say something honest
And true, to confess
Not to others to
Hear but don’t care
If they do.
It might be a
Death bed confession
But it won’t be
Known until
We are at the same
Table in heaven.
Or if anyone hears
It or thinks it matters.

Finally I want
To hear my voice
With words and
Chords making you
Understand the way
From the woods of
Mistakes and
Misdirections. From
The cuffs and ropes
And wounds
from misunderstandings
That have kept me
From finding my
Way through the
Streets through
Neighborhoods I
Don’t belong in and
Expectations that were
Not met though when
I try to finish I realize
They were never started
Or I reached them and even
That was forgotten.

RLB 11-26-2023

Verge of a Dream: Wishing

I wish I could,
But from the last
Row of the orchestra
Called out, maybe
Number three. At least
Not the last choice
Wishing I was a melody
not barely noticed
not a soft counterpoise
against the wall.
Cannot imagine how
To Solve
love and war
How to have you
Point to me.
I can stay, thinking
And doing and hoping.
Maybe changing,
But maybe irrelevant.
The enzyme washes
Away anything of value.
Promise to promise
Look at me
Turning away from
The necessary and
Ordinary. Maybe
A new planet
Discovered by
You while
Having coffee in
Bed and me
While imagining
You there.

Verge of a Dream: Another life

With another life completed
I’m not ready for you
Maybe several more…
Apprenticed to a carver
Of cold marble, I
Won’t be ready
For you.
I may signal the
Other ships and
Secure a
safe landing
After a life
Learning and
Leaning and
Steady at sea
I am not ready for
I wonder if study
Even with someone
a compassionate mind
even if my dialogue
were silenced…
does not even
us up
and make me ready
for you.
With your gliding
Elegance, you can choose
To land where you
I float, cast off,
Film, sea-sawing
On stale air
to the
Cutting room floor.
You know me and
You were right
About paradise
What ever it
Is for you it
is the same
For me.

RLB 10-04-2023

Verge of a Dream: Make someone happy

Trying to make
Someone happy. It
Does not matter if
a harbor café
our bikes are taken.
We talk across
A straw wrapped
Chianti bottle. Love
Multiplies in cool
Air from a door
Kept open
and unlike
soon heading
To their seabed,
We’re not sure
How to fit in
the future as
More than needed
Adorns the moves
To make someone

Verge of a Dream: Air today gone tomorrow

I keep my bottle,
my pauli girl
On ice, staying cold
Between each sip.
I keep my words
For now
On mute
staying quiet
On my lips
I don’t keep my
She keeps me
living light on
dollars, hers
from tips.
I keep my thoughts
Together. They
Might like birds
break rank,
Coming on them
In the brush,
They scatter.
I keep my hand
On the throttle
Cause there’s
Air today that’s
Gone tomorrow

rlb 8-20-2023

Verge of a Dream:

It might be an escape
Made because of a
Puzzle. What can be ignored
On a lush island without
Anyone expecting, tomorrow
Is not going to be today.
Or even more attached in
Asking for what
Cannot be.
Maybe the slightly raised
Housing left by
departing soldiers is
a reality but not theirs’.
Not theirs when
Just looking without,
they are painted into
Memory and those
reasons for running
from the prettiness,
from being seen,
and being
Knowing that being
Seen is then
what will be.
To forget facing
A channel and
Gray sky, so
There’s relief
Maybe temporary
But still looking,
alone, there
is a different

rlb 8-20-2023

Verge of a Dream: The other side

Whether you are or not
You cleared
your thoughts
so you
might descend the clifton
street steps and let me
like the leaves Fall
away, maybe with
new shoots this April
holding you
steadily on the ledge.
Making it simple to forget.
you wanted peace by
showing one side
only, though that
profile with beauty
and intrigue, was
enough to make someone
sure they must live to
see the other
side of that moon.

Verge of a Dream: Not revealed

I could take all
The unfairness of the
World. I would not mind.
The surrounding cold, the
Coming darkness.
I wonder if it is
Something you never
Wanted, until now.
Your arm around me.
It could be quiet as
The cloister.
Or my arm about
Your shoulder. A block
Party’s noise.
Instead of the aches from
A hard day’s work, or
The stings remaining
From the inevitableness
Of life.
The curtains will open
Next morning.
If light moves in waves
It happens in secret like
Love not unreturned
only not revealed by
The covering star light.

RLB 06/23/2023

Verge of a Dream: Now Gone

The door bell chimes hang
On the dining room wall.
If only the dusty brass tubes
Had been rung by you.
Solely happy when readying
The craft for its first
Voyage and any
Words you say are
Codes between you
And a fearless crew.
The door re-closed
Again, with its window,
Its push plate, no
One to count as
It swung again and again
For fifty years and still
I knew you
Could not come through.
When you run the show.
The rides and arcades,
Tests of strength and
Fortunes divined, it
Becomes a guess whether
There is room for love
As though a train
Creaked and screeched
In a restless move
Carrying fading memories
Away from towns we
new, now gone.

RLB 05/30/2023

Verge of a Dream: no one would listen

I hesitate to post this poem, as it suggests disrespect, but it has some deeper meaning that is valuable. I personally am a follower of Jesus’ teachings, but dont subscribe to religiosity, human-invented dogma and imposed power from of any religion. It is a poem that I thought enough about to use my hand made stamps to render onto paper. The poem itself is by RLB, back sometime in the late 1970s.