Verge of a Dream: Confession

I want to
say something honest
And true, to confess
Not to others to
Hear but don’t care
If they do.
It might be a
Death bed confession
But it won’t be
Known until
We are at the same
Table in heaven.
Or if anyone hears
It or thinks it matters.

Finally I want
To hear my voice
With words and
Chords making you
Understand the way
From the woods of
Mistakes and
Misdirections. From
The cuffs and ropes
And wounds
from misunderstandings
That have kept me
From finding my
Way through the
Streets through
Neighborhoods I
Don’t belong in and
Expectations that were
Not met though when
I try to finish I realize
They were never started
Or I reached them and even
That was forgotten.

RLB 11-26-2023