Verge of a Dream: Last thought

If caught unaware by
What might be taking the
Last breath, I don’t want
The thought to be the word
no. No, It Must be a picture
that you can be wearing
anything when you look
that good.

Maybe some
things learned and some
things not; one falls neither
there nor not there…some
things like when is and
what is
that last thought and
breath. But, there
are no buts. I do know
I am saved not by me,
by someone
Else, by how in the midst
Of it all…all the cursed
Failures, and wishes, those
Horrible wishes, by how
You look so good.

The obvious is ignored
In the struggle,
In the lists and
Will disappear and
Really aren’t worth
Passing before,
As they say,
Your eyes. Though
I want to have
What is in that
Last breath is,
Solely about me,
so to
never and I mean
For a second,
Less than a
Moment, ignore how
Good you look to me.