Lullaby: for Corin M Miller

Music and lyrics.

Two special souls bound together
Blended in purpose and heart
Brought forth a wondrous new child
Corin, to treasure
Blessed beyond measure
Pepsi and Bringer of Light
Tending this new precious life.

With hope and with wisdpom they’ll teach her
Mercy and grace will embrace her
Spirit of goodness abound
Love will surround
Peace will be found
Tenderly calming her strife
Guarding her new little life.

I wrote this 11 (2011) years ago for an as yet unborn Corin M Miller, who is almost 11 now. I wasn’t sure if she would ever know it existed. Technology has changed so much that a performance video can at least remind her that grandma M loves/loved her when she has her own grandkids.

Sheet music: corins lullaby-tunescribers_final