Verge of a Dream: Graduation Night

Some things are real.
But I never saw you
In a low back dress
On what might
have been
A street lined with
Maples, houses
Not wanting pretense.
And with the prom
I think the theme is
chiffon, You could be
My date. Except
you’ve never
Been known for
flounce or floating
around or chatting
in a circle about
the senior class
And what they’ll
Do in fall.
For all the things
I want to be real.
Nerves ignited
I never had my hand
Holding you when
They called
the slow dance.
For all the things
That could have
Been memories
So few are real.
Sitting next to you,
I can see the place
A hard bench,
A soft drink, hooking
From school, not
Single grace except
You, your brother’s
Creativity so
Brilliant I need
To turn away..or
then imagine
me a
White cane and cup.
It matters less what
Might be real,
it matters
More That when
at that turn point
that I might
Not see you when
It becomes
My graduation night.

RLB 05/30/2022