Free Weather Call, Cincinnati, NOT FREE, you are paying with your privacy

Free Weather Call, Cincinnati.

Last week (the -6 degree week end of december 2022) i called free weather call about 10 times, in one morning, trying to watch the temperature to determine whether i could safely let my cats outside for a little while. It was a perfectly innocent event for me to monitor the temperature hourly.  Little did i expect what happened.

Interestingly, after 10 calls i got blocked. I could not understand why for a minute, and then knew this wasn’t free weather call at all, it was an advertising money making deal… and each time i called the free weather call must receive a sum of money from each advertiser and a “fail safe” number of clicks from each caller was part of their algorithm.  screw them.

I will not click to listen to viagra being advertised….  or any other of their advertisements, and it is a fake news item that they call it free weather call…. ha ha…. dont you just love how people scam us for our “minds” “money” “personal data”  free weather call is not free, they are monitoring you….  they must subscribe to the trumpian idea that “if i say it enough, it becomes real, whether it is real or not”