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Short and sweet rants on my favorite science topics

Free Weather Call, Cincinnati, NOT FREE, you are paying with your privacy

Free Weather Call, Cincinnati.

Last week (the -6 degree week end of december 2022) i called free weather call about 10 times, in one morning, trying to watch the temperature to determine whether i could safely let my cats outside for a little while. It was a perfectly innocent event for me to monitor the temperature hourly.  Little did i expect what happened.

Interestingly, after 10 calls i got blocked. I could not understand why for a minute, and then knew this wasn’t free weather call at all, it was an advertising money making deal… and each time i called the free weather call must receive a sum of money from each advertiser and a “fail safe” number of clicks from each caller was part of their algorithm.  screw them.

I will not click to listen to viagra being advertised….  or any other of their advertisements, and it is a fake news item that they call it free weather call…. ha ha…. dont you just love how people scam us for our “minds” “money” “personal data”  free weather call is not free, they are monitoring you….  they must subscribe to the trumpian idea that “if i say it enough, it becomes real, whether it is real or not”


Extremeism does not exist in all religion or all governing practices (it does certainly exist in a few)

Extreemists do exist in religions and governing practices (they certainly exist in all)

Pinterest trending: I hope not!

If this picture is any indication of what is trending in the US or anywhere in the world, then I believe the world is headed for a new low in “tattoo designs” “fingernail styles” “excessive ring wearing” ??? what is this?  The tattoos are neither artistic nor particularly well done, and it looks like they are unimportant since they are covered with bracelets,  the fingernail are honed to a point which means that someone is going to get hurt (hopefully not a child) and it shows how unlikely this person (trending) is going to be doing anything to maintain her upkeep, the bracelets are taken from the pull chain in the bathroom light,  and the pose is with feet up on the sofa…. which has its own connotations.  Sorry.  This is not style. There is nothing beautiful, intellectual, graceful or thoughtful about the “trending on pinterest”.  It speaks only to heubris and hedonism.  How sad.

Consistent approach to saving images used for image and signal processing in microscopy?

I wish I had known how much work I created for myself by using images from different programs, different ppi, different RGB, CMYK, grayscale, and dimensions.  A little standardization in my approach would have made getting the data much easier. A word to the “wise”.

My images were from so many sources, so many were pixelated, low contrast, warped, screenshots from publications, and general inconsistent in quality, and made by different microscopes, and different microscopic techniques.  A polyglot for sure.


Wow, NASA can get signals and guide instruments from a billion miles away, but my Logitec wireless mouse can’t survive 4 months sending signals for 10 inches.

So here is my “real” question

In my last few years, where should I focus my efforts? ?? On the ultimate fate of humanity, the planet, the cosmos ???

Should I continue working on surfactant protein D???
Should I continue to make patterns for stained glass???
Should I help people make memories with trinkets???
Should I work on my yard till every weed is gone and leaf is in place???
Should I focus on my house (like patching what needs to be patched, or upgrading etc…)???

What will have the greatest impact?

I am not at all concerned what my kids get in inheritance, I think getting money from parents does them absolutely NO GOOD whatsoever.

The things that interest me “mentally” are helping to figure out the structural model of SP-D because it gratifies my sense of feeling “smart”… which is stupid…

I get real pleasure out of making patterns for contemporary glass crafters from old and wonderful architectural stained glass, so they can replicate, at lest in part, old designs for their own homes and inspirational places. One of my “road to damascas” desires in terms of trying to give this back to todays culture.

I get pleasure from making mosaic planters and pots out of trash (how that happened I have no clue)

I get NO pleasure from customizing patterns of pets and humans but that is actually where PDQpatterns makes most of its $$,

I get pleasure from keeping my yard, but not keeping it to a painfully manicured state, just better than the neighbors, LOLOL, no really, I try to make it as annoyance-free to my visual brain as possible, and that is hard enough work.

I feel obliged to keep my the yard at my daughter’s residence (really its my yard) as tidy as possible given how few hours a week I am there, and i do this for the neighbors…

OR IS IT complete hubris to think that what I do matters at all, in the grand scheme of the cosmos. “who gives a flying rats behind what one does with one’s last 15 years” and “that is perhaps the only acceptable answer”

And whatever I do (as I realized back when Sadam Hussain lit his oil wells on fire during the Gulf War? of which I was reminded by Putin setting his gas reserves on fire”..(both idiots) I can’t undo those, or any, irresponsible acts, by them, or by me, or by anyone.

I could strive to do the best for the environment, humanity, and give everything until I die and it would make no significant difference.

Does this give me license to “do what i want”????

THE KEY PHRASE FROM MY BF… “make a cosmic dent”  

Out of 7.7 billion people

Out of 7.7 billion people, I marvel that I have not found ONE single one with whom I can share my interests, not in gardening, mosaic, stained glass, polymer clay art, science, electron microscopy, pattern making, music, writing music, repairing old houses, making walkways with concrete.  You would think at least ONE person would be around to do these things with.  Dunno…  what are the odds.

“In truth lives hope”, not in science

There has been something on my mind for a couple years, i would like to get UC to change its sineage. …it is a sign that i see when driving north on I75 on a medical building that is an extension of the university. This seems trivial, yet it is a deep moral dilemma. The sign says “In science lives hope.” After 50+ years in research, I know this is not a fair statement.

If i knew a contact person at UC with whom i could speak…. I would suggest that they change this “also somewhat simplistic, often erroneous, misplaced egotistical” claim…. and maybe change it to “In truth lives hope”

We would all be better off if we recognized there are no institutions, organizations, businesses that can claim to be any sort of “hope”…particularly not big institutions, whether religious or academic or for-profit. If the sineage gets changed to “truth” then we are not inclined to whitewash, praise, or criticize academia for mistakes,  amorality, and fallen hypotheses, but perhaps, move on to being hopeful for “truth” after lots of work, and discovering something that has merit beyond and greater than the scientific profession as it currently exists, not always, but often, in a ragged state self-serving state. The “truth” is actually the same in science, politics, religion, culture.

Roe v Wade: unfair distribution of burden

While i agree that the constitution does not have the right to provide the “right” to abortion, and while i do not think abortion is an appropriate form of contraception, pregnancy happens.

In my own case, the male (whom i married), was arrogant, impulsive, unwilling to change life style; I was weak, and wimpy and did what he asked.  I am not the only woman who has been, or will be in this situation. In truth, all i needed was for that male to say “awesome” i am going to be a father and there would never have been an abortion.  How ignorant are we all still of the differences in gender psyche… good grief.  How few men step up to the plate and become parents, fathers? Not that many.  …. And thus result of the act which required equal voluntary participation from man and woman, was left on my shoulders entirely  (not just once, but 5 times, for three children).  Some women need protection, I don’t need it now, but i did then.  I hope women are given that help. I hope men are included in any punishment or legal action. Where is the equity in this.

Since we see the burden of pregnancy and child rearing weighing most heavily on the woman…. the few males engaged in an equal burden. But they were gung-ho during sex.  How is it that they will be so little affected by this overturn of Roe v Wade, yet in cases of incest, rape they are the perps.  In cases where there are genetic defects where fetuses are not going to be viable at birth, who would force pregnancy and delivery on someone to watch a newborn die.

I am not for abortion at any time, BUT sometimes it is the better path. What that path is can be misued, ues, but I am for laying responsibility most directly on the shoulders where it should lie. I am for equal work and monetary investment for men, and women in child rearing…. that hasn’t happened. Make no mistake, this is a gender issue. Women are still the individuals who carry 99% of the burden of children, even in 2022, women of all races and creeds and nationalities and faiths bear that.  So we have lots of men, also every race creed and nationality who accept no physical burden, financial or emotional burden for child rearing.  How totally sad.

We best be voting out of office those who restrict personal medical rights, and condone forcing women to singly carry the responsibility for what is a shared burden at best, and forced burden at worst.

Econimically and socially, this is going to “be a snaffoo for lot of old white men”, ha ha.  watch the change in birth rate among poorer and darker skin people. Watch the cost of gov. substidized health care…. I hope that it comes right out of the pockets of the well off white men of considerable age.  That is what i hope.