Kroger’s plastic packaging abuse, totally eggregious

Kroger’s plastic waste abuse, totally eggregious.  Do customers of Kroger not understand that as the corporations go, so goes the planet. I am not talking climate change, i am talking total disregard for using natural resources in a completely unconscionable manner.  In addition, foam is not typically recyclable in local curb side plans.


Upon questioning a staff member in the meat department he clearly said, I have no power here, we dont even choose what we sell.  How sad to not use the most important resource the company has, the people who listen to the complaints of their customers, and know the products.

Two counts against you Kroger (among thousands I could quickly add), not even wanting to mention false advertising by design  “yellow stickers that say LOW PRICE” when you just raise prices, and tiny tiny print for items that are for digital coupon people only, I know you clean house with that scam daily, I have been victim to the tiny lettering for digital coupon and lured by the huge price lettering…. in fact just this morning that happened.

Kroger does not play fair. Truly, you are a disgrace to Cincinnati.