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Verge of a Dream: I call your name

In a voice so soft
I call your name
Soft as in
a last breath
on earth.
But with
Loves today
No answer comes
Back from you.
A voice so deep
Her name through
Walls and windows
everywhere though
She, unawakened
by it
As the sound
makes its
Way unstopped
To where
she rests with
Only staff and
on the desert floor.
At the end
Of your calling
By herself
But not alone
With the gifts
art she
and gave
to others
Her eyes are
Blue stars on
the sky in its
Most dark.
Of your own hand
It will not matter
Asking if your
empty guess will
Be the maze’s end
That is
not one unclear
to her.
And won’t even
a slight
Smile on the
lips or be
Enough to,
When tomorrow,
you try
To appeal
For any help or

RLB, 07/06/2024

Music: There must have been a place: by Peggy Turner Hogan

Music and lyrics modified from RLB….

There must have been a place
That was made for us
Are we living there, really living there
It’s so far off, I’ve never seen it before
Like another life, we’re all together
Teenage kids and a real small house.
There must have been a place
Where someone’s living that makes up for this
These iron thought can’t stop,
Always come up with you, oh why, oh why
There is a cottage in the valley
Or a wooded place where someone
Is pretending to be us, why, oh why
So we don’t go to waste
There must have been a place
There must have been a place

pdf sheet music PTH _RLB_there-must-have-been-a-place