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I just really don’t like politics, but when blatant infringements on common sense and civility abound, I am obliged to comment. These are personal thoughts, nothing else.

“In truth lives hope”, not in science

There has been something on my mind for a couple years, i would like to get UC to change its sineage. …it is a sign that i see when driving north on I75 on a medical building that is an extension of the university. This seems trivial, yet it is a deep moral dilemma. The sign says “In science lives hope.” After 50+ years in research, I know this is not a fair statement.

If i knew a contact person at UC with whom i could speak…. I would suggest that they change this “also somewhat simplistic, often erroneous, misplaced egotistical” claim…. and maybe change it to “In truth lives hope”

We would all be better off if we recognized there are no institutions, organizations, businesses that can claim to be any sort of “hope”…particularly not big institutions, whether religious or academic or for-profit. If the sineage gets changed to “truth” then we are not inclined to whitewash, praise, or criticize academia for mistakes,  amorality, and fallen hypotheses, but perhaps, move on to being hopeful for “truth” after lots of work, and discovering something that has merit beyond and greater than the scientific profession as it currently exists, not always, but often, in a ragged state self-serving state. The “truth” is actually the same in science, politics, religion, culture.

Come on Kroger – that wasn’t an orange you sold me.

Come on Kroger – that wasn’t an orange you sold me.  NOT FUNNY.  This naval orange was as big as a softball (really bigger) hard as a rock, the orange skin was nicely died an even orange but was so tough it was nigh impossible to peel. The inside fruit had no flavor and the segments did not separate.  Conclusion. Your produce managers grew up in a food desert, no concept of what fruit tastes like, but only willing to make money passing off hard woody long storage dyed fruit as something that we are supposed to eat.

You say to me…. what gives you the right to judge fruit. I will tell you.  I grew up in southern california with orange, lime, lemon trees in the back yard, loquat, pomegranate and apricots by the jillions in the neighborhood kid’s yard that we shared on a regular basis while enjoying the sun and outdoor games.  Frequent trips to the orchards eating cherries right off the tree, and avocados as nice and as ripe as any i have found in the store.

Kroger may be the biggest grocer in the world, but it has become the largest “fake food” grocer as well.  Shame on you.

BTW the last seed(less) watermellon you sold me was also a piece of unripe hard bitter junk.  Does a corporation have a moral commitment to its consumers.  I think so, you obviously do not.  Bad on you Kroger.

Withdrawal symptoms

I am experiencing withdrawal. Really! I am ashamed to say but listening to the ineptness, deliberate mind manipulation, exaggerated emotion and rhetoric of donald trump gave me an adrenaline rush. Despite my total loathing of this man, disdain for his approach to life, abhorrence of his misappropriation of Norman Vincent Peale’s concept of positive thinking within the framework of a loving deity, his unwillingness to be wrong, and my disgust for his lack of respect and his self aggrandizing (an attitude shared by many middle aged white men with money), I am left with a void. A vacuum.

How sad to have fallen victim to his theatrics.  My bad, I should have been more careful, more alert.  Shame too, on consumers of social media (both for and against trump) for feeding his hunger for attention.  I refuse to participate.

sad addiction to media lies perpetrated by trump

I am not surprised that others feel this way as well, as in this great post from the Atlantic.


I got my covid shot (first one) two days ago, and I was overcome with admiration for those many many many individuals who were working in a parking garage, taking tabs on who comes in who goes out, asking about health and concerns, getting papers signed, directing the flow of traffic, entering and checking data, making follow up appointments, giving shots, standing by for the first 20 minutes post vaccination.  WHO WERE THEY? young women and young men.  WHO WAS MISSING? middle aged white men.  Just an observation.

BTW I was vaccinated to protect YOU, you, the people I dont even know and have nothing in common with.  And I am grateful to all the young people who were committed to YOUR health.

UC Health, thank you!