Daily Archives: January 9, 2023

Six dodecamers: SP-D – peak 5 width: with and without undetectable peaks

Peak width for what I have described consistently as peak 5 is given below, with the means found in the current 6 dodecamers (as individual values). The top image shows the peak width even though there are missing values, all values are included in the means and other data. The graphic just below that has the “missing, or undetected” peak 5 values left out of each of the individual measurements.  BOTTOM LINE, this peak 5 is likely to be about 4 nm in width.

It is actually a little disappointing to see how little the widths change whether I delete the undetectable values or not, but it is also a good thing, so that I will continue to measure a molecule many times with different signal processing programs to come up with a stable number.  Each of the lower 6 graphics are the individual surfactant protein D dodecamers, just peak 5 evaluated, with and without the “missing, undetectable” peaks as separate evaluations. Each set of values for the dodecamers is given with (left) and without (right) the missing values.