I dont like this kind of variation in peak finding

I am so frustrated with image and signal processing. I dont care what settings (threshold, smoothing, slope -?) are applied. When I see the results of peak finding tags a tiny peak (see red arrow on left)(not so say this isnt an important peak because i think it is — see orange vertical line under that peak) but ignoring a huge, easily seen, not to be overlooked peak massive peak (see red arrow on the right and peak with NO ORANGE line to the peak) I just dont trust any of it.  I understand that slope and amplitude can be adjusted in these programs, but when upcoming and trailing values mess with “reality” (LOL).

COMMENT: this is a plot of a hexamer of surfactant protein D (CRD peaks are on each end, N termini junction is the center peak)

COMMENT: Just think… climate scientists and financial advisors are using similar algorithms to predict doom/prosperity.