Pinterest trending: I hope not!

If this picture is any indication of what is trending in the US or anywhere in the world, then I believe the world is headed for a new low in “tattoo designs” “fingernail styles” “excessive ring wearing” ??? what is this?  The tattoos are neither artistic nor particularly well done, and it looks like they are unimportant since they are covered with bracelets,  the fingernail are honed to a point which means that someone is going to get hurt (hopefully not a child) and it shows how unlikely this person (trending) is going to be doing anything to maintain her upkeep, the bracelets are taken from the pull chain in the bathroom light,  and the pose is with feet up on the sofa…. which has its own connotations.  Sorry.  This is not style. There is nothing beautiful, intellectual, graceful or thoughtful about the “trending on pinterest”.  It speaks only to heubris and hedonism.  How sad.