Four dodecamers of surfactant protein D, replicate N peak width

Four dodecamers of surfactant protein D, replicate N peak width.

Previoius values for the width of the center N termini junction of surfactant protein D dodecamers (from AFM images published by Arroyo et al), comprised a large dataset, hundreds of plots, four different dodecamers and the means for N termini peak width and all the other peaks (8 per trimer) were posted as well.  In this new dataset, the Gwyddion processed images were not used because of the huge differences in grayscale values (Gwyddion exports as R, not RGB, and I assume that is the reason – at least I could not figure out how to export images processed in Gwyddion as RGB). Some plots were used in both datasets.

Also, the very far out image processing filters were eliminated, and the new set really is focused on 5 and 10 px gaussian blurs, very little else. ( i can make a list if someone would like it).  Also, instead of hundreds of plots, there are many fewer, but very surprisingly the data from the big set of grayscale plots, and this abbreviated set are so close, that I think there is no reason to plot and process every image in all permutations and combinations of signal and image processing.

Comparisons are below…. listed as old and new, for the whole column – for the individual dodecamers (listed by name as 41_aka_45, 42a_aka_44, 43, and 97-1 — designations only for record keeping), and again, with an N of 4, using the N termini width for each dodecamer individually.

The n for the N termini peak width values duplicated…. a complete N width for each trimer, so the actual n is “half” that (see the (/2) notation on the excel images.