The new anti-christ: anti-social media

I used to think that insurance (yep, car insurance, health insurance, home owners insurance, social network) was the anti-christ. The reason I thought that was because insurance absolves us from culpability in our own mishaps, tragedies, and things that nature sends to us by allowing us to shift responsibility for things we can and sometimes cannot control and accept compensation from a nameless corporation(not always equitable compensation either, because cheaters do prosper). I feel we needed to be caring, and helpful, and understanding, and giving and bring forth from our own bounty to help others in need.

I think now that the anti-christ is social media because it perpetuates and multiplies unbridled falsehoods, opinions of a few, or many, that are radically antisocial and convey hatred, violence, brutality, unrealistic circumstances, and falsehoods, for ill gain.

Putting actions to my words, i have disabled my facebook, don’t subscribe to a newspaper, and believe what i see on TV is mostly hocus pocus.  I am not a proponent of conspiracy theories, i just think people are pretty dumb and i cannot be a part of 15million views of nonsense and potentially untrue and destructive garbage. nufsaid.