Molecular and macromolecular architecture follows patterns

This is a wild goose chase looking for structures which explain and identify those which I have seen repeatedly in hepatocytes (and other cells), this time including clathrin coated vesicles and COPI and COPII vesicles.  I am continually amazed how certain motifs repeat themselves in the microscopic, molecular and modern world.  Stability in structure seems to transcend size.  So image below is a collection of fullerene diagrams, some from my own electron micrographs, one from a widely republished electron micrograph (credits to the author if i knew who it was) and some from various wikipedia posts and of course the most widely recognized fullerene structure… the soccer ball.   Just for fun but also tying in the concept that nature made it first. There is a difference in magnification from the upper left (i think around 1 nm – which actually sounds too big to me) — to the soccer ball 22 cm in diameter — well you can do the math  2,200,000,000 nm.