Amerithon challenge

Getting pretty tired (real world tired)… i wonder if i will make it the next 2800 virtual miles (fake world).. LOL.  The tiring part is that so much advertising is fake, so much news is fake, so many opinions that are only reflections of a personal reality are biased. It is difficult to sort physical reality from my own reality.  Case in point… estimate from LivingComfort for repairs vs replacement of a gas boiler.  I see four numbers in a row (parts and labor) 888.00 for an expansion tank, 888.00 for a boiler refill drain thing, and 888.00 for a back flow preventer and 888.00 for an air scoop.  Give me a break.  If i had 9 items in a dataset, and four of them were 888.00 i would immediately say… check for errors and copy pastes.  This is fake.