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FROM: Bobby Schuller – Hour of Power 11-22-2022

I thought this was really good — pertaining to our individual worldviews (including those who view their own ideas as just and dictatoral -aka wars and opressions) and wanted to save it to read again and again.

Quote “Yesterday we introduced the thought that each of us as humans has our own little kingdom. To further that discussion, today, I want to talk about how every one of these kingdoms operates under a philosophy, which is known as a worldview. A worldview is a lens through which you view circumstances and situations; it’s sort of a mishmash of your religion, culture, background, family life, and education. Your worldview provides a framework in which you see and process tragedy, and victory and you perceive meaning and purpose in life. A worldview attempts to answer these four questions: Who am I? Where am I? What’s the problem? What’s the solution?

In Jesus’ day, there were two primary groups that attempted to answer those questions: the Jews and the Romans. The Romans taught that you were 100% what you did and what you achieved. On the other hand, the Pharisees taught that you were dirty and that the only way to achieve holiness was to separate from unclean people. Neither of these worldviews offered any hope for those with disabilities, the poor, or sinners.

So Jesus came into a world with neither helpful nor hopeful worldviews. This is why it was such a big deal when He got up on a mountain and began to speak to a bunch of outcasts — sick people, outsiders, and Samaritans — telling them that they were blessed because they were meek, poor in spirit, and sad. You see, friend, the Kingdom of God is for everyone and it alone offers hope to ALL of humanity! Isn’t that the best news?”  animation made from google earth pro and GIMP…  how fun

Corona virus Covid 19 SARS Cov2 model to hang on the Christmas tree.

Yep…. coronavirus globe glass and polymer clay ornaments that are made to be accurate representations of the surface look of the corona virus.  Just for fun and remembering the headaches of this particular pandemic. Order from the website here.

Refrigerator magnets, christmas tree ornaments, keychains, bracelets earrings, counted cross stitch patterns, stained glass virus mandala patterns, all things to remember the pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2. 
Christmas tree ornaments: models of the SARS Cov 19 coronavirus
3 inch christmas tree ornament of a model of the coronavirus SARS Cov 2 covid 19 virus particle coronavirus model made into a christmas tree ornament for covid 19 this year 2020 remembering covid 19 christmas tree ornament coronavirus model
Coronavirus Covid 19 keepsake memory christmas tree ornament coronavirus SARS Cov 2 model christmas tree ornament christmas tree cone shape with coronavirus tiny ornaments

SARS Cov 2 aka COVID 19 jokes pg 5

Home school monopoly called “Pandemonium” or perhaps “Pandemic” using corona bucks (made by kids) and a board that has  “GO ON VENTILATOR” instead of “GO TO JAIL” do not pass “GO” do not collect “200 corona bucks”.  In the corona bucks there is the virus, with its spike 1 and 2 proteins, the transmembrane protein, the envelope protein, the nucleocapsid protein and the single strand RNA.