Daily Archives: July 1, 2022

Verge of a Dream: without a promise

There is a pearly glow
On the fender fin.
You say you will fall in
love with me,
I wonder
I think the equinox
is neither there or here.
You might wish to be
alone or
alone with me,
it’s never sure.

In a velvet
I wonder as
the actors kiss
then part
if they look
into the dark
for two,
new in love,
and wish for
that too,
in their hearts.

Then you in
the gray screen
lifted from
A ring or
me that wind
about your finger
which one it is
I don’t seem to mind.
Held, as I am
the rock, bearing
the sword until
you ride
a curve in space
to another whose
hope for your
true love,
ends in
he’ll find was
a promise

RLB (posted 07/01/2022)

Verge of a Dream: I do not know —

I do not know the difference
Between one day and
Someday or if there is none.
I do know
it is when
will finally end,

I do not know the difference
Between acceptance and
love or if there is one.
the gate may
close behind me
at eleven fifty nine
I do know
To take it and
Not to turn

I did not know the difference
Between whats been true
And whats been waste
Though its clear
As a few years now
Have passed
That it will speed
Before me when
Neither it nor I
Will last.

RLB (posted 07/01/2022)