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Four dodecamers of surfactant protein D, replicate tiny peak width (peak 2)

Four dodecamers of surfactant protein D, replicate tiny peak width (peak 2) which is a peak that shows up about 30% of the time. I have determined the peak width in nm in every which way i could, except combining the first (old) and second (new) datasets, which I chose not to do because there were some duplicates. The first dataset had every plot for every trimer that had been plotted up till that time. The second (new) dataset did not include the Gwyddion (red only in RGB) images, and so that left out all the limit range image filter images. The second dataset also did NOT include some of the far out filters in programs that were clearly not that usefor for determining structure. It is a select dataset that has a reasonable number of plots made mostly with images filtered with a gaussian blur, or median filter, and then peaks determined in 5 different signal processing programs (mentioned numerous times before, but including Octave (autofindpeaksplot, ipeak), Scipy, LagThresholdInfluence, and an excel template called PeakandValleyDetectionTemplate.

Note that the N termini junction appears twice (as there was no good way to divide the width of that peak in the trimers, as it represents a central combined value of a hexamer. Thus, a complete N term peak width is part of every trimer and appears as a complete peak each time.  I am actually happy that the combined mean nm width for the tiny peak is about what I had hoped, that is,  just around 3 nm.   30.1% is the occurrence from the first dataset 28% is the occurrence from the limited (second) dataset.  The mean of 2.9nm +/ 1.8nm is a summar from data with missing values, without missing values, first and second datasets, and those two criteria applied to each of the four trial dodecamers (as trimers) individually.  This works out to 16 separate tiny peak (peak 2) widths, for which the mean was found. Actual values are left hand column.

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